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How to write an essay?

Essay writing starts with a subject. You will either be asked to write on any topic or professor will assign an essay topic. First, discuss with your teacher and understand their requirements.


Once you get a subject or topic to write an essay, start research. Search engines, Wikipedia, books, articles, magazines, e-newspapers, and libraries are the best resources available for research.

Analyze past essays available on the internet

The internet is a place where you will get information on every topic. Take help of search engines and read previously written essays on the same topic. It will help you to get an idea how to proceed?

It will enhance your evidence collection and also help to create engaging essays to engage professors. You can use their arguments to justify the statement. But, remember to give a proper reference to their work.

Create a thesis statement

Now, you have done a good case study about the topic. You will need to create a thesis statement to provide your stand. Make a stand either in favor or against and prove it.

Write fresh essay

Research, analysis, and thesis stamen fall under the first phase. Now, the second phase starts. You will need to justice research by writing fresh content. To gain first class grades, you will need to write fresh, original, and unique content. Do not copy paste from any external sources.

You can use paragraphs, quotes and other materials from external sources to justify your stand. Give proper reference of the source and author name.

Avoid using first and second person words like I, We, You, your etc in essays. You should focus to justify your stand with evidence only.


An essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should throw light on the topic you that are going to discuss in the essay body. Include evidence in each body paragraphs to hold the readers. The conclusion should be a sum of what you have written.

Recheck the content

An essay should be rechecked before submission. It will help to create an errorless essay copy. Check grammar, spelling and duplicate content. Also, recheck evidence.

These are the few steps involved in writing essays.

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